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Are you a business owner thinking about updating your company logo design, or are you the owner of a startup that doesn’t have a logo yet? If either of these apply to you, you’ve come to the right place! We have designed many logos for our clients over the years, and whether you choose us or another design firm to create your logo, there are specific things you should expect from your designer.

Custom Logo Design - Christi Lynn Cookies Uncover Creative

1. Identify

The very first step for your logo design process is a questionnaire and meeting about your company and your vision for the brand. This gives graphic designers a clear idea of what your company is and what it represents.

Designers who don’t complete this vital step will have a hard time understanding your company. The lack of research will reflect in a bad logo, and your designer may even create your logo in a way you do not like. Always make sure your designer makes an effort to get to know you and your company.

2. Plan

From there, your designer will offer you creative and effective solutions on how to achieve your logo design goals.

3. Create

After that, your designer will create some initial logo design options, and he or she will send them to you as logo proofs.


The Fat Trap Logo by Uncover Creative


When you receive your first proof from the designer, you should get a nice presentation that shows all the logo concepts on their own page. The designer should showcase color variations, logo placement, and size for each version of the logo. The items on each page should be well structured and not just thrown on the page.

At Uncover Creative, we always mock up a relatable item like a t-shirt or coffee mug to show the logo in perspective of its everyday use.

Reading Riders logo mockup by Uncover Creative

After you have picked the final logo to represent your business, you should expect various versions of your logo including black, white, and full color created in RGB and CMYK for web and print purposes. We call this a logo deck. It should include everything you need to brand your business consistently, so you can place your new logo on signage, brochures, social media business pages, and more.

Business cards & Logo for Law Office of Anand Patel Uncover Creative

You should also expect a brand style guide with your logo deck. It will include (depending on the detail) color codes, fonts, placement, rules, and everything else you need to know to keep your brand unified.

One Page Style Guide for Branding by Uncover Creative

The logo deck and style guide will also help the next designer understand your brand, should the original designer be unavailable.

4. Launch

Once everything has been approved, your new logo design will be released to the world!

5. Evolve

We understand that times change, and updates to your logo may be needed eventually. If asked, we will refine your logo, allowing it to evolve to ensure it will remain the best it can be over time!

If you’d like to get a quote for your new logo design, contact us today!

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